My Favorite Amazon Farmhouse Finds

When Hubby and I moved into our farmhouse two years ago, I slowly started incorporating more rustic items into our decor. I have spent HOURS scouring Amazon for the perfect finds (it’s a favorite hobby of mine)! All items featured below are ones that I currently own, use, and love!

Rustic Jewelry Organizer

Wall mounted jewelry organizer with small shelf

I’ve had this organizer for a few years and I love it! It comes in multiple color options so you can choose what best fits your home. It has little hooks under the shelf for necklaces or bracelets and the wiring is perfect for earrings. I use the little shelf for other odds and ends. Or, you could place a cute little bud vase on it for some added farmhouse charm!

Laundry Sign

Distressed metal Laundry sign with colored letters

This sign is so fun for a farmhouse laundry room! It has a slightly weathered and distressed look that fits into any rustic décor. That said, it wouldn’t look out of place in any style laundry room! It’s 7” by 28” which I thought would be a little too short when I first ordered it, but it actually turned out to be a great height (it doesn’t overwhelm the space).

Industrial Pipe & Wood Wall Mounted Shelf

Industrial wall-mounted pipe shelving with 4 shelves

This shelf is currently hanging in my laundry room and I love the farmhouse charm that it adds. I use it to store our household cleaners, laundry detergent and wool dryer balls. I’ve also cozied it up with a wax warmer, some artificial plants, and the laundry sign above. This product is so versatile you could truly use it almost anywhere in your home!

Laundry Detergent Storage

Light blue laundry tin with "LAUNDRY" in white lettering

This is a good-sized detergent box and fits quite a bit in it. I have this on display on the above shelving. The blue adds a pop of color (something sometimes lacking in farmhouse decor), making it both cute and practical! The item I ordered came damaged and the company was great to work with. They had me keep it, rather than bothering with the return process. They also refunded my money so I could order a new one. I always appreciate great customer service!

Artificial Plant

Artificial plant in a small pot wrapped with burlap and tied with twine

I love that this artificial plant doesn’t look quite as fake as most, and at only $12 – $13, it’s a great deal! The burlap and twine add a charming rustic feel. The greenery adds some nice color and decorating with plants (whether artificial or real) is always a great way to cozy up your home.

Artificial Lavender Flowers

Lavender stems in a white vase in the middle of a set table

Lavender is one of my all-time favorite flowers and I love how realistic this bunch is. I have them in a rustic vase on display in my kitchen. The bundle is a good size so I only had to buy one, but if you want an even fuller bouquet (or multiple displays), the price point isn’t too hard on the wallet at $10 to $15 each.

Rustic Menu Board

Wall mounted sign that says "This week's menu" and has each day of the week listed

This menu board gets daily use in our farmhouse. Hubby knows he can look at it whenever he has a question about dinner, so I don’t have to remind him multiple times a day. It helps me immensely with meal planning and it is both practical and decorative. It’s sold through a private seller so shipping isn’t free, but it’s totally worth the splurge.

Dandelion Canvas

Canvas photo of a dandelion set against a barn siding backdrop

One of my favorite quotes is “Some see a weed, some see a wish.” It’s a good reminder on perspective and one I like to remind my kiddos of as well. My oldest daughter loves dandelions, so it made sense that we would hang this picture in our home. The seller offers multiple sizes and different images as well, so definitely check them out!

Burlap Shower Curtain

Brown burlap shower curtain

This shower curtain adds a nice rustic touch to our guest bathroom. It was the final element we needed to pull together the room (and necessary if anyone wanted to shower). It adds a great textural element as well. One word of warning – if you don’t have lighting near the shower, this could be too dark. It does not allow much light through it, so something to keep in mind before ordering. It is machine washable though which is a major bonus. Make sure you only buy when this is listed from Olivia’s Heartland to ensure quality and authenticity.

Rustproof Shower Curtain Rings

Bronze shower clips with small beads

The color of these shower curtain rings work great with the shower curtain I mentioned above (and would match most shower curtains for that matter!). I love that they close so the curtain can’t slide off. Plus they are rustproof, which is a necessity with any item constantly being exposed to moisture.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Silver soap pump on top of a clear mason jar

I could easily have one of these dispensers in every room in our house (we don’t, but I could). I currently have one by our kitchen sink for hand soap, but I eventually want to get more of them. You can use them for hand soap, lotion, dish soap, liquid laundry detergent – there are so many options! These dispensers are really adorable and really fit into any décor, not just those going for a rustic or farmhouse vibe!

Paper Towel Holder

Wall mounted chicken wire paper towel holder with small shelf for dish soap       Wall mounted chicken wire hand towel holder with small shelf for lotions and soaps

We got this for its traditional use as a paper towel holder, but I am really loving it with the hand towels as well (I may need to get a second one)! I love that it is wall mounted so it doesn’t take up valuable counter space and I use the little top shelf for holding the spices I cook with the most often.

Farmhouse Coasters

Set of four farmhouse coasters with cute sayings and farm images

A set of coasters has never made me so happy – I absolutely adore these farmhouse coasters! Coasters aren’t normally something that are given much thought of in the home and until I found these, I had a simple black set that I hid until needed. This set I’m actually proud to display. I love the sayings, the simplicity of the images, and of course the functionality is also there. They have a slip-resistant cork backing and are easy to wipe clean, and the neutral colors will match any color scheme in your home.

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Black wall mounted vertical wine rack with room for 12 bottles of wine

While wine-racks aren’t specific to farmhouse decor, I had to include these because I absolutely love them and they have turned my wine collection into décor (and given me back all the space I was using to store them!). The company that makes them, Vintage View, provides multiple options for these racks – different colors as well as storage options – 6 bottle, 12 bottle, 24 bottle, etc. The added bonus of course is that they also store your wine correctly, prolonging the life and quality of your wine. I’ve seen people use these racks to hold rolled up bath towels as well – another way to turn storage into decor – something I am a huge fan of!

Chicken Box Sign

Square box sign with saying "Money can't buy happiness but it can buy chickens and chickens make eggs and breakfast makes you happy."

This box sign was given to me as a gift and not only is it cute, but it’s true too! It is sold by Primitives by Kathy, and I am in love with pretty much everything she sells (the coasters above are hers too). Her shop is full of adorable farmhouse decor including signs like this one. If this specific sign doesn’t appeal to you, make sure you check out her other items – she has something for everyone!

Mason Jars

Two 8 oz wide mouthed Ball mason jars

I use mason jars all over our home. They are excellent for food storage, but serve multiple other purposes as well. You can use them as small vases, make homemade candles out of them, decoratively display bath salts on your bathroom shelving – the possibilities are endless! Mason jars in all sizes are a staple in my home – I couldn’t survive without them. No farmhouse is complete without a stash of mason jars!


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