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Welcome! I’m Kelsea, Head of the Homestead! I live in Western Washington with my husband and 2 daughters on a 2.3 acre homestead which we fondly refer to as The Hen House Homestead – because let’s face it, my husband is greatly outnumbered by women (and chickens!).

About the photo: a family - a woman, two young girls and a man sitting together on hay bales smiling

Who This Site is For

This site is for those who manage any aspect of the home – from finances, to cleaning, to meal planning (and more!). Those who manage a family, whatever that may look like for you. Those who aspire to live more simply. To preserve their own food, roast their own coffee, or raise backyard chickens. Those who yearn for self-care, love challenges, and want more coziness in their lives. Those who want to lift others up, support small business, and be a part of a community that is there for each other. Welcome!

About the Blog

  • Bon Appétit – Recipes and how-tos.
  • Family & Friends – Anything related to family, from marriage to kiddos to friends who are like family!
  • Farm Charm – See what farm life is all about. Join us as we slowly build our farmette!
  • Home Sweet Home – Decor, decorating, cleaning tips, etc!
  • Money Matters – Information on budgeting, saving, and frugality.
  • My Favorite Things – This is where I feature all of my favorite products.
  • Wonder Women – Spotlights on women entrepreneurs, female topics near and dear to my heart, bloggers, leaders, and women who inspire me.

About the Challenges

I love monthly challenges – it helps give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment each day, plus I love the feeling of growth and self-improvement I often get from them. Each month I will post a new challenge for a year’s worth of challenges. If you also love monthly challenges and want encouragement and accountability, I’d love to have you join us in my Facebook group – Head of the Homestead.

About Pin-Tested

Have you seen pins on Pinterest and wondered if they work, but haven’t wanted to try them yourself? If so, send them my way! I will be testing pins and featuring the results in this section of my site.

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