22 Random Facts About Me

I know 22 is a random number, but oh my gosh it can be hard coming up with facts about oneself! I’m aiming for 25 eventually and will add more to the list when inspiration or creativity strikes!

  • I used to write poetry when I was younger (though I haven’t done it in years). Since first grade (when I wrote my first poem), I have written over 300 poems. You can read one of them here.
  • My husband and I are Friends addicts – we watch it almost every evening and can quote most episodes.

“Yeah, it’s like a cow’s opinion. It just doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

Joey on Friends
  • I don’t know how to whistle. Really.
  • Sunflowers are my favorite flower. Just looking at them makes me happy. We had hundreds of them at our venue the day Hubby and I got married.
A white wedding cake adorned with sunflowers.
Our wedding cake – fully adorned with sunflowers!
  • Speaking of weddings, I entered my wedding by boat.
A bride and her father on an old paddle wheel boat on a lake.
My dad and me on the Meridian Belle.
  • I hate fresh tomatoes. Even the smell of them makes me gag. If they are cooked, then I can eat them.
  • Sharks both fascinate me and terrify me. Shark Week is one of my favorite events on television. 
  • When I was little I wanted to be like James Herriot – a vet, writer, and farmer – all in one!
  • My hair was much redder when I was younger. I would tell people “it’s not red, it’s oranch” (because I couldn’t pronounce orange yet).
A picture of a little girl with red hair in a black dress with white sleeves.
I wish my hair was still that red!
  • Ice cream is my favorite food group.
  • I have always been an animal lover, so it has always been my dream to live on a farm and have lots of pets. We are finally working towards that dream! So far we have 2 dogs (Cooper and Lily – you can read Lily’s story here), 3 cats (Tinka, Daisy & Howie), 11 chickens, and 1 cranky rooster named Johnny Cash. We hope to adopt more soon!
Two white dogs in the back of a vehicle. One is in a yellow dog bed and they are both laying down.
Cooper & Lily
  • Hubby and I met online in 2008 using match.com. We were both on the verge of giving up online dating and canceling our accounts when we found each other.
A close up of a young couple in front of trees.
This is one of our very first pictures together. We look so much younger!
  • A few items on my bucket list: ride in a hot air balloon, visit Ireland & Australia, live abroad in a foreign country, learn Italian, and publish a book one day (which of course means I need to write one first!)
  • The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas.
A baby girl laying on a blanket in a 4th of July dress that says All American Girl. Her arms are above her head and she is smiling.
Love Bug loves the 4th of July as well!
  • I wear my socks inside out. I can’t stand having the seam against my toes – wearing them inside out takes care of that problem.
  • My name is pronounced Kel-see, but the spelling (Kelsea) often confuses people and they pronounce it Kel-see-uh.
  • I’m related to Jerry Baldwin, one of the three original founders of Starbucks and current Director of Peet’s Coffee (his wife is my grandma’s cousin).
  • I LOVE chocolate covered gummi bears. But not as much as ice cream.
  • Before becoming a stay-at-home mom blogger, I worked in human resources at Boeing. I was a fourth generation Boeing employee – my great grandpa, grandpa, and mom all worked there before me.
  • I love organization. Though you’d never know it by looking at my house.
  • I love frugality and finding ways to stretch a dollar. We are also huge on saving (read my blog post on saving for Christmas for some great tips).
  • I am a huge advocate for women’s rights. With two young daughter’s, I believe it is one of my greatest responsibilities to teach them that they can do whatever and be whatever they want in life.
Two young girls standing in front of their mom, who is squatting to be at their level.